Event, Exhibition



For ten days in May and June 2021, Lower Hewood Farm became the site of ‘PAST-ORAL’, an exhibition curated by Alexa de Ferranti and Sara Hudston consisting of work by 33 farmers, landworkers and artists in 16 different locations across the farm.

Film by Hydar Dewachi
Produced by Alexa de Ferranti/Lower Hewood Farm

Thank you to all the visitors to the exhibition, especially those who appear on screen and the people who kindly agreed to be interviewed for the film:

Anne de Charmant
Natasha Daintry
Maurice Cassidy
Valentine Warner
Amanda Dunstan
Louise Innes
Emma Stapleforth and Matt Townsend
Sara Hudston
Steve Shaw
Firo Jameson
Andrew Dixon
Neil Burns
Sasha Notley


End Credit Song – ‘The Very Thought of You’, sung by Yada Cashmore, written by Ray Noble


A big thank you to the artists, farmers and landworkers who took part in the exhibition


Barn ‘Anima/Animus Redux’, Curated by Simon Bayliss and Lucy Stein
Artists: Simon Bayliss, Maria Christoforidou, Steve Claydon, Alexa de Ferranti, sarah filmer, Sarah Rosamond Hartnett, Dan Howard-Birt, Sara Hudston, Kieron Livingstone, Nina Royle, Laura Smith, Lucy Stein, Oliver Sutherland, Enrico Tassi, Zoe, Will and Ned Wilding
Cattle Shed – ‘Spiderland’, Barnaby Hosking
Cell – Cyanotypes, Carolyn Lefley
Circle and Pond – Steve Shaw
Farmhouse – Paintings, Jeremy Andrews
Greenhouse – Amanda Dunstan
Hay Barn – Building, Hay, Tower
Neil Burns, Richard and Kaye Down, Andrew MacNoe
Strip Field – Ewes 164, 200, 204, 216, 273, 292, 294, 313, 314, 316, 317, 326, 327, 346, 360, no ear tag + lambs
Paddock and Yurt – Shop, Amanda Dunstan, Catherine Pratley
Pig Sty – Arnie, PigAnthea
Pod – Iben la Cour, Andrew MacNoe, Valentine Warner
Polytunnel – Plants and songs, Yada Cashmore, Jon Davison
Shed – Finds, Andrew MacNoe
Sheep Shed – ‘Hedge’, Sara Hudston
Slab – ‘Untitled’, Neil Burns, Alexa de Ferranti
Stable – On Landscape Project with Minna Kantonen, Dafna Talmor, Emma Wieslander
Waters Hill/Sandpits – Hedge, Emma Stapleforth, Matt Townsend