About the Library

The Survival Library is a project by Standart Thinking, Lise Hovesen and Javier Rodriguez, which houses Lower Hewood Farm’s growing collection of books, films, magazines and journals. The shelving and felt-clad alcoves reflect the functional
design principles of Alexander Rodchenko’s ‘Design for a Workers Club’, promoting the idea of productive leisure time and interdisciplinary research.

An aim of the library is to highlight links between creative practice and agroecology, and much of the literature is devoted to these subjects.  Items include artist books, exhibition catalogues, psychoanalytic texts, poetry, self-sufficiency manuals, environmental philosophy, local history publications and farming textbooks. The DVD collection has developed around the Food & Farming Film Festival programme.

The Survival Library functions as a reading room with internet access, work stations and a DVD player. Anyone is welcome to visit the library by appointment. Please email info@lowerhewoodfarm.org or call 01460 220097 to arrange a time.

library shelves general shot

A selection of item from the collection are included here, and will be expanded over time.