Event, Exhibition, Residency

On Landscape #3 2016

Lower Hewood Farm

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James Ravillious, Grubbin-out an Orchard, Hele, near Exeter, Devon, 1989
Image courtesy of Common Ground


Exhibition opening times, 12 – 5pm
Saturday 28 – Monday 30 May
Friday 3 – Sunday 5 June
Friday 10 – Sunday 12 June

Opening Event:
Sunday 29th May, Guided Exhibition Tour & Drinks Reception, 3pm

Open Farm Sunday:
5th of June, 12-5pm, Farm Tour & Scything Event, 3pm

Closing Event:
Saturday 11th of June, In-conversation with Robin Ravilious & Drinks Reception, 3pm

When talking about landscape a set of preconceived ideas, traditions and conventions come into play. On Landscape Project, conceived by Minna Kantonen, Dafna Talmor and Emma Wieslander, seeks to instigate discussions around representations of landscape through an itinerant programme of exhibitions, events and a dedicated website. On Landscape #3, featuring renowned artist James Ravilious’ photographs alongside Kantonen, Talmor and Wieslander’s work, will also include site-specific installations, slide projections, video and a selection of artist books. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with host venue Lower Hewood Farm’s director Alexa de Ferranti is programmed to coincide with Dorset Art Weeks. 

A central element of the exhibition consists of a library of artist publications, providing a platform for wider debates around landscape whilst presenting an opportunity for a range of international practitioners to showcase their work that include:

Peter Ainsworth / Bridgette Ashton / Stuart Bailes / Rob Ball / Allison Barnes / Diogo Bento & Jorge Almeida / Kristina Bengtsson / Sarah Bittel / Marianne Bjørnmyr / Julia Borissova / Enda Bowe / Christian Brems / Tessa Bunney / Alex Burgess / Stefano Canto / Ben Cave / Sanna Charles / Xiaoyi Chen / Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman/ Catherine Clover / Matthew Conduit/ Alvaro Deprit / James Duncan Clark / Lewis Cole/ Christopher Down / Aline Dufat / Paul Gaffney / Johanna Gibbons/ Maia Gusberti / David Harker / James Herman / Glen Jamieson, with Jonathan P. Watts and Traven T. Croves / Jason Larkin / Laurie Lax / Marta Leite / Lanyue Li / Minna Kantonen / John MacLean / Alia Malley / Freddy Dewe Mathews / Eimearjean McCormack / Giulia Marchi / Juan Margolles / Luca Massaro/ Sebastian Mejia / Stuart Munro / Milo Newman / Idit Elia Nathan / Tim O’Hare and Stephen J. Fowler/ / Steve Perfect / Emma Phillips / Ann Ponten / Louis Porter / Zhao Renhui / Daniel Reuter / Colin Robins / David Robinson / Alberto Sinigaglia / Allesandro Dandini de Sylva / Emma Tod / Lihie Talmor / Francesca Tamse / Tombstone Press/ Bindi Vora / Emma Wieslander / Samuel Wright and Josh Lustig / Christopher Young / Andrew Youngson / Alia Zapparova / Kyler Zeleny/

The OLP library will be displayed alongside a selection of Little Toller publications and Lower Hewood Farm’s Survival Library by Standart Thinking.

On Landscape Project will be in residence throughout the exhibition in order to engage with visitors, conduct research, develop ideas for new work and lead free weekly events in collaboration with Lower Hewood Farm. 

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