Event, Exhibition, Residency

Spiderland 2016

Lower Hewood Farm

Barnaby Hosking


A presentation of work made during a 2015 – 2016 residency at Lower Hewood Farm in Dorset and a screening of the first instalment of an on-going video project called ‘Spiderland’.

The video and accompanying fired clay sculptures investigate the relationship between landscape, sculpture and the imagination. During the residency, Hosking lived in a yurt and fired clay sculptures in a specially built kiln in the ground. As with Hosking’s previous video installations, the journey that is undertaken to make his work is an essential part of the presentation, as is the use of a black velvet projection screen. In his videos, the process of making the an object is both inspired by and gives birth to narratives about his romantic and experiential relationship with being in nature and the making of art.

Please join us at Lower Hewood Farm from 5-8pm on Saturday 3rd December to see Hosking’s work, resulting from his 2015-16 residency.
The exhibition will be open 10 – 6pm on Sunday 4th December and thereafter by appointment until Saturday 31st December. Please contact info@lowerhewoodfarm.org.


Lower Hewood Farm, Hewood, Chard, TA20 4NR