Bugsplat 2011

Lower Hewood Farm

This conference, called by human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, consisted of a group of experts in the field of drones (lawyers and investigative journalists), artists and writers, invited to attend a brainstorming weekend at the farm on the (ab)use of drones in Northern Pakistan.

DELEGATES AND SPEAKERS: Fis Abrashi (Reporter, Associated Press), Daniel Adam (Reporter, ITN), Idrees Ahmad (Writer, Musician), Lisa Barnard  (Artist), Adam Barton (Head of Interractive Games, SSU), Sarah Belal, (Lawyer, Reprieve), John Butler (Artist), James Capper (Artist) Edmund Clark (Photographer), Cori Crider (Lawyer, Reprieve), Alexa de Ferranti (Director, Lower Hewood Farm), Tom Flynn (Writer), Aline Giordano (Artist), Paul Glennon (Artist), Atsuhide Ito, (Writer, Critical Theory lecturer at SSU), Hamish Jenkinson (Producer, director of Old Vic Tunnels),  John Keane (Artist),  Iben la Cour (Curator), Lee McKinnon (Artist, Associate lecturer at SSU),  Jemima Montagu (Director, Culture + Conflict), Tara Murray (Lawyer, Reprieve), Lewis Peake (Artist, illustrator), Alan Schechner (Artist, Head of School for Visual Arts, SSU), Mic Shaw (Artist), Naomi Siderfin (Director of Beaconsfield Gallery), Clive Stafford Smith (Founder and Director, Reprieve), Dafna Talmor (Artist, photographer), Chris Woods (Bureau of Investigative Journalism), David Worthington (Artist)