Event, Workshop

Anima/Animus 2019

Lower Hewood Farm

anima animus

A weekend gathering of artists and writers themed around Jungian ideas of the anima/animus.

The event embodied the idea that people need to come together in order to nurture connectivity, love and care in order to fight the global atmosphere of cruelty and chaos. Guests created an arena for thinking through the body/mind dualism and what we can learn from communing with the land.


Lucy Stein
Steve Claydon
Mary May Claydon
Alexa de Ferranti
Simon Bayliss
Nina Royle
Libita Clayton
Maria Christoforidou
Dan Howard-Birt
Kieron Livingston
Sarah Hartnett
Sara Hudston
Zoe Wilding
Will Wilding
Ned Wilding
Sarah Filmer
Colin McAllistair
Oliver Sunderland
Bryony Gillard
Laura Smith
Enrico Tassi
Willa Tassi Smith